Shares of Red Hat (RHT) Sees Large Inflow of Net Money Flow

Red Hat (RHT) : Investors lapped up stocks on upticks to the tune of $50.46 million in the Fridays trading session. The trading value on downticks was comparatively at $38.38 million and the uptick to downtick ratio of 1.31 indicates continuous buying by the bulls. The net money flow into the stock was $12.08 million. The block trades were dominated by the bulls with a healthy 2.56, uptick to downtick ratio. Only $9.22 million worth of trades exchanged hands on downticks showing the reluctance of the large traders to part with their holdings. Upticks saw transactions worth $23.58 clearly indicating buying by large investors. The total money flow for block trades stood at $14.36 million, which is a positive for the stock in the long-term. Red Hat (RHT) fell $0.04 during the day at $72.94, a drop of -0.05% over the previous days close. However, for the week, the stock is -1.92%, compared to the previous week.


The company Insiders own 0.76% of Red Hat shares according to the proxy statements. In the past twelve weeks, the net percent change held by company insiders has changed by -18.23% . Institutional Investors own 95.82% of Red Hat shares. During last six month period, the net percent change held by insiders has seen a change of -0.23%.

In a related news, The officer (EVP, General Counsel), of Red Hat Inc, Cunningham Michael had unloaded 10,000 shares at $75 per share in a transaction on July 26, 2016. The total value of transaction was $750,000. The Insider information was revealed by the Securities and Exchange Commission in a Form 4 filing.

Red Hat (NYSE:RHT): The stock opened at $73.3 and touched an intraday high of $74.06 on Friday. During the day, the stock corrected to an intraday low of $73.27, however, the bulls stepped in and pushed the price higher to close in the green at $73.75 with a gain of 1.11% for the day. The total traded volume for the day was 1,095,267. The stock had closed at $72.94 in the previous trading session.

Red Hat (RHT) : During the past 4 weeks, traders have been relatively bearish on Red Hat (RHT), hence the stock is down -2.61% when compared to the S&P 500 during the same period. However, in the past 1 week, the selling of the stock is down by -1.33% relative to the S&P 500. The 4-week change in the price of the stock is -2.74% and the stock has fallen -0.83% in the past 1 week.

Red Hat, Inc. is a provider of open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to develop and offer operating system, virtualization, middleware, storage and cloud technologies. The Company employs an open source development model. The open source development model allows it to use the collective input, resources and knowledge of a global community of contributors who can collaborate to develop, maintain and enhance software because the human-readable source code for that software is publicly available and licenses permit modification. The Company distributes its software offerings under open source licenses that permit access to the softwares human-readable source code. The Company provides its software offerings primarily under annual or multi-year subscriptions as well as on-demand through cloud service providers.

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