Facebook to Reshape Workplace with New Platform

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) recently announced that it will launch Facebook at Work next week, which is a platform that could help employees connect and collaborate through the same features of Facebook that people are already accustomed with.

For those who are wondering how the social networking giant actually boost productivity at the workplace, the catch is that Facebook at Work is a completely separate platform from the classic Facebook that is strictly associated with the company of the user.

Facebook stated in the FAQ page of Facebook at Work: “Rather than having friends as your audience, you create and join groups with your coworkers to be a part of relevant conversations.”

The new Facebook platform for the workplace will be secure and coworkers will not be able to share the progress of their project with their friends through the original platform. The posts and communication within Facebook at Work can only be seen by coworkers.

This new Facebook platform can prove to be a collaborative tool for the workplace which is built on familiar tools. Approximately 1.7 billion people all over the globe already use the original platform on a monthly basis, while 1.1 billion use Facebook daily. As most people are already familiar with it, they can easily get accustomed to Facebook at Work. This social platform designed for the workplace includes features such as News Feed, Messages, Groups, and Events that are also found in the classic Facebook platform.

Facebook at Work was initially introduced last year, but it has been restricted to the early adopter program of the company, allowing Facebook to obtain feedback or comments from a few companies before it releases the platform internationally. At present, the social networking giant has more than 450 organizations that are utilizing Facebook at Work. Now, Facebook plans to launch the public-ready version of Facebook at Work.

During the latter part of September, the social networking titan sent out press invitations to Facebook at Work’s launch event which will be held in London on October 10.

While entering the enterprise collaboration landscape may seem to present the company with a huge opportunity to tap a new market, Facebook will face strict competition from established players in the industry such as Slack and Salesforce’s Chatter.

Additionally, the social networking corporation does not have any experience when it comes to monetizing enterprise platforms. With this, market participants can’t be certain that Facebook at Work would be a success even though it can entice a great number of enterprises.

As of 6:04 AM GMT -4 on October 5, the FB stock is changing hands at $128.19, down by 0.45 percent or 0.58 points.

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