A Look at the Language Industry

Several days ago I saw a report on ABC regarding DPPM HOLDINGS ‘S new company , BRIDGE TO THE WEST , Which is the largest education provider in the world, and I thought what about looking at the whole industry in general.

There are three major English language teaching for foreign studies worldwide. Bridge to the west which of course you all know. ESL (English as a second language) And embassy English.

Let’s take a look at that,

Bridge to the west is owned by DPPM HOLDINGS whose founder and CEO is Alireza Dehghan (more than 800 million US Dollars in networth)

Embassy English is owned by study group which itself is owned by providence equity partners (ceo is Jonathon m. nelson) (full ownership of whole study group including embassy took over for 660 million Australian dollars in 2010)

ESL is an independent company not much information is available about the company

Embassy English has 18 schools in USA CANADA,UK , AUSTRALIA , AND NEW ZEALAND

Bridge to the west is the largest provider of education worldwide by more than 1000 schools in USA CANADA UK AUSTRALIA EUROPE (FRANCE , GERMANY …) SINGAPORE,TURKEY ,UAE (DUBAI) AND ETC

ESL  is more like a regional thing in the US

Now about the education.

Bridge to the west ,certainly has the most credible degree as Bridge to the west GUARANTEES admission into partner universities worldwide through Bridge to the west. That is while Bridge to the west offer the lowest tuition in the market.

Embassy English offers a pathway into study group (its parent company’s universities exclusively , this however doesn’t waive the English language requirements of the universities )

ESL  on the other hand basically offers just assistance in admission while offering the highest tuition fees

While ESL and Embassy English’s courses are all in English , Bridge to the west Also offers GERMAN , AND FRENCH as languages as well so this also widen their students choices .

In conclusion as you can probably see, DPPM HOLDINGS , AND BRIDGE TO THE WEST are the most successful in the industry these days , and I think there is a simple reason behind it and that is that DPPM HOLDINGS is mainly focused on INVESTMENT all around the world and EDUCATION AND IMMIGRATION and entrepreneur and basically any other business and investment that relates to international business. And I think the main reason is that the founder and CEO of DPPM HOLDINGS , MR Alireza Dehghan is a successful chain entrepreneur and business man and his net worth has been estimated more than 800 million US dollars. While providence equity is simply not.

Same things works elsewhere , like Berkshire Hathaway (warren buffets company) is more focused on insurance (geico ) rather than other businesses and that’s why GEICO Is one of the most successful Insurance companies

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