Globalstar (GSAT) Shares are Down -4.72%

Globalstar (GSAT) : During the past 4 weeks, traders have been relatively bearish on Globalstar (GSAT), hence the stock is down -18.35% when compared to the S&P 500 during the same period. However, in the past 1 week, the selling of the stock is down by -4.88% relative to the S&P 500. The 4-week change in the price of the stock is -18.79% and the stock has fallen -4.72% in the past 1 week.

The stock has recorded a 20-day Moving Average of 9.4% and the 50-Day Moving Average is 4.83%.The 200 Day SMA reached 16.06%


Globalstar (NYSEMKT:GSAT): The stock opened in the green at $1.26 on Friday, but the bulls found it difficult to push the prices higher. The stock reached a high of $1.26 and a low of $1.18 for the day. The stock did not find buyers even at the lows and closed at $1.21 recording a loss of -2.42%. 2,268,243 shares exchanged hands during the trading day. The stock had closed at $1.21 in the previous days trading.

Globalstar, Inc. provides mobile satellite services, including voice and data communications services globally via satellite. The Company provides wireless communications services in areas not served or underserved by terrestrial wireless and wireline networks and in circumstances where terrestrial networks are not operational due to natural or man-made disasters. It provides various communications services via satellite, which include two-way voice communication and data transmissions (Duplex) using mobile or fixed devices and one-way data transmissions (Simplex) using a mobile or fixed device that transmits its location and other information to a central monitoring station, which includes certain SPOT and Simplex products. It offers voice and data communication services over its network of in-orbit satellites and its active ground stations (gateways). It also offers hardware and software designs to develop specific applications operating over its network.

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