Worried About Food Allergies? This Startup Just Raised $9.2 Million To Solve Your Problem

Food sensor startup 6SensorLabs, which won TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield competition this year, announced today that it has raised $9.2 million in Series A funding from a group of investors led by Foundry Group. Investors who participated in the funding round included Matt Rogers (founder of Nest), Mitch Kapor, Upfront Ventures, SoftTech VC, SK Ventures, and Lemnos Labs. Along with the funding announcement, the company also revealed that it has rebranded itself and starting from today it will be operating as ‘Nima’, which is also the name of the first product it launched. Accounting for the funding it has received in this round, the company has raised $14 million from investors to date.

Brad Feld, managing director of Foundry Group, who will be joining Nima’s board of directors said, “Options for understanding what’s in our food are minimal, and Nima has the vast potential to fulfill a visceral need in the food transparency sector. Nima leverages human computer interaction to provide the community with better data about our food to potentially save lives – in five years, we’ll wonder how we ever lived without it.”

Helping People In Living A Healthy Life

Nima was founded in 2013 by Shireen Yates, an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management, along with Scott Sundvor, who graduated from MIT in 2012 with a degree in mechanical engineering and a concentration in product design and development. Ms. Yates currently serves as the CEO of the company, while Mr. Sundvor is the Chief Product Officer.

“This round of funding will allow Nima to deliver on its mission of creating a range of devices that test food for various proteins and substances beyond gluten, helping as many people as possible live their healthiest lives,” Ms. Yates said in a statement released by the company. “The Nima brand is widely accepted and synonymous with our company and products, and this focus will strengthen our marketing approach as we prepare to launch new products on the Nima platform.”

The Product Pipeline

Although the first product from the company – a gluten sensor –  is currently in beta testing, it has been available for preorder on its website since October 2015. The product, also called Nima, lets users test gluten in their food in less than two minutes. To do that, all a user needs to do is take a sample of their food and put it in a capsule and put that capsule in a device. Both the capsule and the device are provided by Nima as part of its starter kit. Once the user has inserted the capsule in the device, the device will show a smiley face if the food sample contains less than 20 parts per million of gluten or a sad face if it contains more. The starter kit, which has been priced at $199, contains one Nima device, three one-time use capsules, one micro-USB cable and one carrying pouch.

Nima plans to use the proceeds from the series A funding to increase the pace of the development and release of its food sensors for peanut and milk, which the company plans to launch in 2017. Along with that, the company will also be using the proceeds for R&D on additional proteins and substances, and to ramp its software and services side of the business through its connected mobile app.

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